There are numerous benefits to be gained from offering a Development Mine to your organisation - for managers, employees and to build a positive organisational culture. Firstly though, think about whether The Development Mine Resources is right for your business.




A Development Mine is right for your organisation if:

  • People are reluctant to own their own development and seem to be waiting for someone else to do it for them
  • Development isn’t really happening because people want the expensive external courses option
  • The principle of 70/20/10 might be understood, but the amount of activity for the 70 component is minimal
  • Managers know they are tasked with coaching and developing their team, but they just don’t seem to be that great at it
  • Significant resources have been spent on giving people insight (assessment, 360s, profiling) but they haven’t translated into tangible results
  • Development planning has become an HR requirement rather than a integral part of work


So if you want to:

  • Create an environment where people are accountable for their own learning
  • Ensure development becomes a core part of delivering business results
  • Give managers the ability to have inspiring and meaningful development discussions with their team
  • Support an engaged workforce and develop a positive organisational culture

Then a Development Mine is right for you



  • Having a framework and questions to make a development discussion meaningful and development focused
  • Having access to ideas on how to support people to play to their strengths
  • Gaining ideas to help coach someone rather than thinking development can’t happen as there are no courses or funding available


  • Being able to own your own development, regardless of budget constraint or manager capability
  • Identifying your strengths and then contributing fully to development discussions
  • Recording development efforts over time


  • Ensuring development efforts get traction and people contribute fully
  • Providing a cost effective resource that actually delivers results
  • Having a culture that supports a safe and engaged working environment
  • Delivering ongoing development suggestions for people and providing specific development support for those working in similar development areas