A Development Mine is an on-line resource that enables your people to identify their strengths and build meaningful development plans based on your own organisational competency model. Development Mines are created and customised for your specific organisation. We build a strengths survey and relevant on-the-job development suggestions and ideas that are relevant to your business.


Don’t have a competency model or framework? Don’t worry, you can use our proven model and build it into your development processes.


Once created, we provide you with a unique link that you can make available to your employees via your intranet or relevant development site. Your people then register to access the Mine using their company email address and personalised log-in. All their development information is available as long as they remain an employee with your company.


So once registered they will be able to:

  • Complete a Strengths Survey to identify their greatest opportunity for development
  • Explore each competency for practical on-the-job development suggestions and ideas
  • Compile a Development Directory of ideas, make notes and use these to build a meaningful development plan
  • Keep a record of development activity and progress via a Development Journal
  • Access tips and questions to make development discussions positive, inspiring and relevant

Once the Mine has been created, we will then provide a nominated individual within your organisation with administration access and you then have the ability to update, create and edit any of the ideas, including adding links to other relevant sites and attaching pdf documents. We can also run workshops for your people to help them identify their areas of strengths and support each other with their on-going development.




A Development Mine is a cost effective solution to addressing development requirements. And because our philosophy is that development should be available to all and small things make a big difference, we’ve kept our pricing reasonable.




All Development Mines have an annual license fee NZD $5,000 + GST per annum. This fee provides access to all employees within a specific organisation.


In addition there will be a one off development fee for the creation of a Development Mine and this will vary depending on the complexity of the development.