A number of organisations are already using the Development Mine Resource, here’s what some of them have to say:


Mark McSherry - Organisational Development Leader, Plant and Food Research


Plant and Food Research has used the Development Mine to support our leadership development programme over the past three years.  The Development Mine is a superb resource for our staff as they develop leadership competencies.   We use the Development Mine to reinforce our leadership framework, provide a pool of targeted development suggestions, and as an effective strength identifier.  The Development Mine also serves to keep people connected to their development efforts for longer, which helps us create long term change.




Karen Fraser - Organisation Development Lead, LIC


It was great to be able to test my own view of my strengths in the development mine, and I have since asked my team to complete their strengths survey in the development mine also. This has given us the means to have a conversation together about how we can use those strengths both individually and as a team. The development mine has also given me somewhere to clarify my thinking about my development, where I can refer back to it, and continue to build a pathway for myself.


Jayne Thornley - HR Director, House of Travel


I first engaged with Nicky in December 2013 to discuss The Development Mine to ascertain if this was a framework that we could adopt into House of Travel.  Nicky spent the time with me to understand our needs within HOT around Personal Development but more importantly got a real feel for the HOT culture. We engaged with some of our teams members across the business to get their input on what it takes to be a great leader within HOT and agreed core competencies that also linked back to the heart of business which are our values.


In February 2014 we held a workshop for 35 of our leaders to take them through the Development Mine concept and to start creating their own Personal Development plans.   They loved it!  It proved to them that personal development doesn’t have to be a complex framework or time consuming, that it fits within our every- day working life, that it adds value  to our people and to our business objectives.


Following the success with the House of Travel leaders we have now started a full roll out across our Holding Company (220 people) and I have no doubt that this will revolutionise Personal Development within House of Travel